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*post by Niki*

Skiing in Bulgaria is one the most beloved sports, practiced by the youngest and the oldest members of our little society, it’s not a surprise that the hole nation is upset when the snow is late to show up. And yet there are things not every skier have experienced… And even the ones who don’t ski at all will be super curious to know what’s the feeling of shredding a wild forest or jumping of an enormous hill and landing on a nap of fresh snow…

So, here’s a short movie showing the wild experience of a backcountry ride through the woods of Kartala, Bansko and even a freeride section close to the Rila lakes. It’s followed by a not so typical mixture of old frames from back in the days and fresh new captures from Osogovo, Vitosha and Borovets. You’ll see some jumps, rails and even a rooftop of an old chalet. And at the very end you’ll get a proof that one doesn’t always need a perfectly shaped park to do an unexpected flip…

Niki Tanera 's Collection - Skiing in Bulgaria! from Nickolay Georgiev on Vimeo.

Забавлявах се, докато събирах и монтирах тази компилация от клипове, заснети през годините: заснежени горички, малко freeride, няколко скока, парапети, все яки спотове от България. Всичко, което обичам в ските е тук, показано по моя си начин.
Голямо благодаря на всички приятели, които са заснели кадрите... и не само! Enjoy!

P.S. Не пропускайте щастливия край  

Thank for the photos Borislav Stefanov

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