Desillusion night

2:32:00 PM

Throwback to a great evening we've spent at Maison Desillusion, Hossegor

Dion Agius presenting his collection for Globe and a draft of his movie in the adventurer club of Desillusion Magazine

The guys from Desillusion Magazine can inspire anyone who holds a little piece of wildness in his soul. The raw and dark atmosphere go hand in hand with lightness and easiness in the dreamy desillusion world created by those artists. And we had the chance to meet them and the "unlikely Tasmanian" Dion Agius, as well as some of the other great surfers of today ... while enjoying good music and nice beer, of course :)

And finally, here's a short movie that we specifically admire and which kind a expresses our views in regards to travelling and surfing etc...

Off The Well Worn Path - Asher Pacey from Desillusion on Vimeo.

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