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11:47:00 AM

Hello friends! Today we share with you the peaceful feeling of a good rest after few long exhausting weeks…  Since our last post we’ve been doing crazy stuff almost every day. Decided to stop tripping around with the car and spend more time on the beach, in the nature… running, surfing, longboarding, skateboarding or just walking around and taking pictures of the ocean and the beautiful peaceful towns on the French coast.

We’ve met lots of nice people, but also spent lots of lonely moments, been sick, been happy, been excited, been scared, been working on a kiwi plantation, been tired, been cold, very cold... and then: been laying on the beach for whole day in November, been standing in the rain, lost in a field with lamas, annoyed by crowds in the water, or overwhelmed by the ocean’s strength and beauty.

Lafitenia's wave spotted from the hills

Niki at the famous Lafitenia. If you get a good one, it's a really looooong ride

After all we found the joy of the small moments, living on the outside, awaking with the birds, touching the wet cold sand with your feet, eating on the ground, washing your teeth while looking at the stars, falling asleep with a moon view …

Sunrise for breakfast
Sand under your feet

Endless beauty in front of your eyes

Hope we got you inspired for a new day, expect some news on our plans about returning home at the end of the month.

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