Winter surfing in Bulgaria

8:45:00 AM

Winter surfing is a romance…

It's cold, it's snowing and the wind is blowing in the car while you put your wetsuit, booties and gloves. Snowflakes, sharp like little knives hit you in the face, there is nobody around, you can barely stand the cold and yet - you get in the water. The real struggle begins here: you are slower, every movement is twice harder with all that rubber, the dark, freezing cold water hits you in the face and it feels like in another world… like surviving…

It's such a surreal experience … It makes you feel more alive than ever! And one wave is all you need…

How extraordinary for a Bulgarian surfer to go winter surfing in the Black Sea, and also - with a wetsuit made in Bulgaria!

Thank you Runawave wetsuits for making the frosty conditions bearable! Your hooded 5/4/3 stands the cold like a beast! : custom made limestone wetsuits

Photo credits: Doriyan Todorov ; Nikolaj Najdenov ; Nikolay Georgiev

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