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Ok, last week was a bit hard to handle… lots and lots of rain and onshore wind. However we had much more fun those last days. Although it all started with one pretty ruff night … 

So one day, after a small surf session at Anglet(still not so perfect waves..)  we decided to go a bit north  to check the conditions and change a bit the perspective… The night was warm so we thought – why not go camping in the woods :) Great idea, except that we had no clue about the region and it was already really dark. However we took some path that was going deep in some strange forest just above the coast. We were just driving, couldn’t see much… suddenly we realized we were literally moving on sands and not on the ground. We kept driving hoping to get out but it was getting deeper and deeper.. and then PAF! We were stuck in the stand, couldn’t continue or go back. We haven’t seen any signs of living people for the last few kilometers so we got off the car and tried to push – no result. Looked at our watches – 23h. Well, we had no choice. We took out our pop-up tent and put it next to the car, which was already falling asleep in the middle of the road. Next morning we woke up, freezing. It was 6 C … 6 degrees, in September !!! We looked at our car, realizing we had to dig and push for hours… but we had the positive attitude about it. We just knew we can work this out! 

We started circling around, searching for some helpful materials and eventually followed some suspicious noise coming from the woods…  we found a group of French hunters preparing for their morning session :D We asked them for help and they pulled us out with a TOYOTA full of hunting dogs and guns.. Lucky chance for us, but not for the small rabbits we saw on the road… 

The day continued to be lucky, we went directly to La Graviere, famous spot to all the surfers, waves were a bit small but still the dying swell gave some perfect mini tubes! 

And the beach was beautiful, sunny and bright… We took some photos – everything looked like a postcard! 

 Photographers were everywhere on the beach, capturing Niki between other surfers…  and not only… :D

The charming streets of the town were just another bonus:

At the evening we went back to the beach to enjoy the perfect ending of a perfect day…

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