Having fun in the Basque country

1:02:00 PM

Hello friends! After a ten-day road trip to the Ocean, we finally arrived at the Basque country. We woke up on Sunday, full of excitement. We had the chance to enjoy some sunny weather outside, but sadly – not even a trace from a single wave.  We’ve never seen the Atlantic so flat. It was like one of those days at the Black sea, when even the birds are bored. However, the Basque land has so much more to offer than just waves. Our friends Jordan and Alvaro took us for a crazy ride in the mountains, featuring some awesome ocean views from the cliffs... Ah, beautiful Ocean! We felt the unique atmosphere of this magical land, where men move rocks…  We stopped for a lunch at the coolest place in Zarautz, ate some awesome burgers and then took a walk to Getaria, did some paddle boarding and enjoyed the sun and the calm of this beautiful village. We share some photos and promise to update on the past and future adventures! Take care and have a sunny day!

P.S. We are currently enjoying Jordan’s company, who is kindly hosting us in the best place to stay in San Sebastian. Thank you, Jordan!!

P.P.S Expecting some waves on Thursday, Niki can’t wait :D

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