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Hello friends!  How are you? We are GOOD. It’s the seventh day of our journey and it’s the first time we can stop for a while and share some news. (Finally a real wifi connection!) Days are really crazy, sometimes we’re just having good time, but often enough we get insane over some GPS location or on which exit should we take at the next roundabout. We started with a pretty bad trip trough Serbia, that took all us all day and a loooot of car pushing. Serbian police officers were waiting with opened arms, straight at the border asking for some money under the table (“That’s our dad’s car? Oh no, my friend, you cannot drive this one in Serbia. You need special permission, lots of paper work, you know.”) “Happily” few cigarette boxes were enough for our greedy neighbors...  Normally crossing the country should not take long but we had the chance to enjoy kilometers of traffic jams and share hours and hours of pleasant moments with thousands of nervous drivers, their kids, dogs, noisy cars and noisy women. At sunset, just before the Croatian border we simply turned off the engine and got off our ride. Everything was moving sooo slow that we were just circling around the car and pushing in it from time to time in order to gain few more meters. We were only dreaming of Croatia, but honestly after we finally managed to cross the border we just felt asleep. Such a loooong day in Serbia. Next morning we woke up in Croatia. That country is such a beautiful place, with good and friendly people, that smile at you event in the hotness of the summer holidays month.  Driving was pretty chilled out, so we took the time to see some nice places such as Zagreb and Rijeka, but also some cool mountain villages. After the horrible time in Serbia we decided we deserve some fun in the sun and went to the Krk Island. The time we spent there was just awesome. Honestly whole Croatia was pretty amazing… Hvala Hrvati! Finally one evening we crossed the border and had a magical ride trough wonderful Slovenia. We’ll tell you more about those experiences, and we definitely have lots of things to share for our stay in Italy. That country brought us so much sun, beauty and awful lot of girls properly dressed (or should we say undressed) for the summer. However, right now we finally got to France trough the Alpes and we intend to enjoy the fresh melons we just bought from a Province village…  

Please enjoy those few photos we share, we promise to write some more detailed posts for the cool places we visited so far.

P.S. The Ocean still looks faaar away…

We're crossing borders, baby ! hahha

5 hours traffic jam feels kinda like that...

Mountains... Croatia!

Islands in Croatia

Italy means ICE CREAM

This is how we fall asleep

Chao Italia

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