A week in sunny Spain: basque country and more...

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Hello friends! We are back on the road! After a really pleasant one week stay in San Sebastian, yesterday we left north, crossed the Spanish border and got back to France. We spent the afternoon checking the surf spots all over the road to Biarritz. Even though we’re still in the Basque region, it feels kind a different than its Spanish part. We so very much loved Donostia !

View at the Donostia / San Sebastian bay from our balcony

Our first touch with the Basques made us like and respects them. All the people we’ve met were very happy and proud with their Basque origins. We’ve seen a funny example during a joyful celebration in the town of Zarautz. The place was full of locals wearing some special costumes, even the small babies were dressed up.  We spent the day there: skating, swimming, or just walking around and it was great fun. Some people were enjoying the nice weather on the beach, some were doing grocery shopping and some were drinking coffee on the fancy beach walk. But they were all in costumes! For a second you would feel like everyone is taking part on some strange play… As the skate park was on a popular spot, just next to the beach we were expecting some crazy costume skater to show up and blow us up with some tricks, but sadly no one came :D
So, during our week in San Sebastian we’ve heard lots of stories about how strong and tough are the men, and how pride and out of reach are the women. We couldn’t verify that, but we definitely noticed lots of men and women just having fun! Those people are always out! Every evening the local cafés are full, as well as the bars, restaurants event the benches in front of the houses in the small village of Mundaka. Old men telling stories about the ocean, young ladies drinking non alcoholic beer and fighting with snacks…
With us people were all friendly and welcoming, generous and always ready to share some stories (or myths…) about their culture. We were meeting around few glasses of local wine or beer and lots of pinchos (something like an equivalent of tapas, but based on meat or fish, sometimes in small bread, sometimes mixed with potatoes and vegetables). Finally locals looked like they really enjoyed sports, especially surfing. Sadly there were some waves just once, but on that evening the beaches were full with surfers. Hundreds of them, all ages and types, coming after work (or school), hoping to catch few waves before dinner.

Even the smallest waves can be fun...

Evening at the beach

There’s no point talking about the clean, light blue waters, the golden sand, the green hills and spectacular cliffs, surrounding the picturesque villages and splendid towns. But if we have to synthesize the whole impression – it’s just the good life!
For this lovely week - special thanks to our awesome host Jordan. Our goal for the next few days is to find the best spots for surfing around Saint Jean de Luz, Bidart, Barritz, Anglet, Capbretton and even Hossegor. For now it looks pretty promising :)  

Beautiful closeout before the evening storm at Anglet

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